Whether you’re a home or business owner, keeping your lawn in good shape throughout the year often comes with a great deal of time and cost.

Cutting, weeding, watering, and general maintenance is no easy feat—especially when you’re time-strapped; which is why artificial grass installation is on the rise in Australia.

Artificial grass is safe, vibrant, easy to look after, and works wonderfully in a variety of both domestic and commercial spaces. It’s the way forward.

As a specialist of artificial grass installation in Perth, we know a thing or two about this most brilliant of synthetic innovations—and we’re going to tell you all about it right now.

Let’s get started.

Why use artificial grass for your home or business?

Did you know? Despite what many say, artificial grass installation actually benefits the environment as it doesn’t require water. As such, having an artificial lawn will conserve gallons upon gallons of water every year.

In addition to its eco-friendliness, here are the other key reasons to invest in artificial grass installation for your Perth home or business:

  • Chemicals: Traditional lawns require the frequent use of pesticides and weed killers to keep them smooth, even, and presentable. With synthetic grass, you won’t have to use potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Drainage: Artificial home or business lawns grass drain water faster than traditional grass, making it far more manageable in adverse weather conditions.
  • Consistency: As synthetic grass maintains its form and doesn’t grow, you will benefit from more consistent conditions and a more even surface.
  • Flexibility: The consistent and flexible nature of synthetic grass means that it’s perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use—so if you have internal spaces that you want to transform into an oasis of calm, artificial grass installation is the way forward.
  • Looks: While it once appeared unnatural and plastic, today’s artificial grass offerings look incredibly natural and stunning to the eye. They are also soft underfoot and very safe for children as well as pets. Oh, and of course, as we mentioned—maintenance is minimal. A real win-win.

Four excellent artificial grass types for your home or business

Now that you understand the perks of using synthetic grass for your home or business,  we’re going to look at the four top Perth types—innovative products that not only look incredible but a grassy surface for years to come.

Coolgrass 40mm

This is officially the coolest synthetic grass in Perth. Our Coolgrass boasts a new yarn technology that reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it. Vibrant in tone and colour, Coolgrass is pleasing to the eye, forgiving underfoot, and feels incredibly natural.

Royal 15mm

Ideal for busy family lawns or corporate hosting areas, our Royal 15mm always goes the extra mile. This flexible artificial grass is often used for effectively covering up existing paving slabs or balconies due to its soft yet durable, and self-sustaining nature. A real allrounder.

California 30mm

Our California 30mm artificial grass is incredible for those in need of a reasonably priced product that meets every need; domestic or commercial. A natural, understated, and tough product for every use, need, or occasion.

Emerald 40mm

A real winner for areas that see a lot of action on a daily basis, our Emerald 40mm boasts a vibrant green sheen and a luxurious manicured finish. Its unique V-shaped blade makes this most popular amongst all of the artificial grass products. This is incredibly durable and able to withstand adverse conditions without losing its looks.

These four remarkable artificial grass types are only the tip of the iceberg. Explore our choice of professional artificial grass products in detail, consider your needs or requirements, and you will reap the rewards of a bowling green that goes the extra mile for many years to come.

If you’d like to know more about why we’re the best artificial grass installation in Perth specialists or you need any more information about synthetic lawns and maintenance, please feel free to visit our Why Choose Us page or get in touch. We will be able to answer any questions, big or small.

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