With people having less time to spend in their gardens, more people than ever are turning to realistic synthetic grass to save time and money while having a beautiful green yard all year round.

Why artificial grass?

Artificial grass can withstand the harsh climate, heavy foot traffic, and if it’s Australian made, it can even last up to 25 years. However, it’s functionality and aesthetics, depends on the skills of the team installing it and who supplies it. Finding the right supplier and installer of artificial grass during this time wherein COVID-19 is slowing everything down, is somewhat tricky.

If you’re in Perth, and currently looking for an artificial grass supplier and installer – keep reading. In this post, we have shared tips on how you can choose the right synthetic grass supplier.

Supply & Install – Dealing with one company that can both supply and install is a smart option during this time. In these uncertain times, we understand that homeowners are dealing with fears and worries – especially about cleanliness and social distancing.

By choosing a company that can both supply and install, you’re coming into contact with fewer people. When installing artificial grass, allowing a single team of experts to come to your premises is ideal – you don’t want to deal with too many teams during this time.

Here at Evergreen Synthetic Grass, we would like to assure you that our crews observe safety measures in line with the Australian Government’s recommendations – and we even take added precautions to guarantee the safety of our staff and clients.

We have implemented new policies to ensure everyone stays safe. While we continue to operate, we’re also equipped with all the appropriate PPE and sterilizing products.

Clean & Safe – Cleanliness and safety are our top priorities. Choosing a team that observes cleanliness and follows safety measures is a must at this time. When finding an artificial grass supplier, make sure to ask questions about how they are handling COVID to ensure the safety of those around them. Here are some of the practices adopted by Evergreen:

  • Our installers observe social distancing when installing artificial grass
  • Every installer wears protective clothing and clean boot covers when they enter your property. We also make sure they are wearing masks, ear and eye protectors.
  • Our crew provides a daily update about their health and that of their family.
  • Before and after the installation, we clean and thoroughly sanitise all surfaces we come into contact with.
  • We are wearing masks, gloves, and all essential gear to protect our staff and clients while we are quoting and working on site.

Offers quick assistance – unlike other artificial grass suppliers, We at Evergreen Synthetic Grass make it a priority to be able to provide you with prompt support, especially when you are requesting for a quote. We offer free quotes within 24 hours. If you require quick assistance on grass installations, you can call us on 08 9303 2130, and we will address your concerns promptly.

Offers FREE Quotes – We provide FREE quotes. Should you require any further information, feel free to contact us here. For a faster transaction, we would like to request you to give us a call on 08 9303 2130.

Operates normally with precautions – Our showroom is open, and we continue to take bookings, consultations and installations – all are done with precautions mentioned.

Payment Options – We truly understand the importance of providing payment options to clients, especially during this pandemic. To make sure you can still get the highest quality artificial grass for your property without paying upfront – we offer interest-free finance amongst other flexible payment arrangements. So if finances are holding up your plans, don’t worry, we have payment options available, and you’ll soon have the best artificial lawn that you can enjoy all year round.

Warranty – Warranty is the value and assurance you get what you pay for. Regardless if you pay upfront or through payment options, all our artificial grass is backed by a 7-year warranty – which is the leading warranty in the industry. If the synthetic grass product is damaged or defective, we will either repair or replace it within a reasonable time. If you’d like to learn more about our warranty – give us a call on 08 9303 2130.

Wholesale & Trade Price – During COVID-19, we know how important it is for every home and business owner to be able to get discounted rates on your purchases. We usually offer this to landscapers, builders, renovators and other contractors and business owners processing bulk orders, but is now available to the retail market too!

Should you require further details, please give us a call on 08 9303 2130 or fill in this form to send us your enquiry.