A well-kept, bright green bowling green is a beautiful thing. Greenkeepers and bowlers take a huge amount of pride in their greens and their smooth, perfect surfaces.

But keeping the surface of a bowling green smooth and perfect, come rain or shine, is hard work. It takes time, a lot of precious water and a fair amount of money. For many bowling clubs, it’s near-on impossible to keep a green looking good and playing well. And time, money and water are all in short supply for most small sports clubs and bowling enthusiasts.

There is another way: synthetic grass. If you’ve always bowled on natural grass, you might be horrified at the thought of switching. Aren’t synthetic bowling greens just uncomfortable to walk on and hard to maintain?

No. Not if you choose the right synthetic grass and have it installed by experts. Sports clubs and bowlers across Australia, right up to elite level, are switching to synthetic. It’s simpler and cheaper to maintain, with no repairs to do or canceled matches after heavy rain. Just a glorious, green, uniform surface that is a joy to play on.

Choosing the right synthetic grass

At Evergreen, we offer four choices of synthetic grass for bowling greens, to suit a range of budgets and needs.

  • Woven carpet – This two-part system is a great choice for small clubs and enthusiasts. Used worldwide for 30 years, it’s incredibly reliable and takes absolutely no work to maintain: no watering, sand, grooming or rolling.
  • Ultra Plus 12mm – This dense, advanced-quality grass needs very little rolling and achieves the right speed, quickly. It’s the latest in bowling green grass and fast becoming the professional greenkeeper’s first choice.
  • Dry-max pro – Approved by the World Bowls Board, this grass needs no water to play, is soft to walk on and offers natural bias.
  • Master-pro plus – This sand-filled surface is the best at standing up to variable weather, including heavy rain. It offers even, controlled speeds and uniform running.

Why make the switch to synthetic grass?

Switching to synthetic grass can really change the way you bowl. With little or no maintenance to do, you’ll have more time to spend perfecting your technique and just enjoying playing again. If you’re a club owner, you’ll be able to invest your time and cash into developing the club rather than maintaining the green.

Synthetic grass:

  • Drains easily, so no worries about wet weather and no canceled matches.
  • Stand up to the hottest summers, with no worries about dead grass and bare patches.
  • Is environmentally friendly, needing little to no watering compared to natural grass and no pesticides.
  • Is affordable for everyone, from backyard bowling green owners to big sports clubs.

How can we help

Evergreen Synthetic Grass is a local business installing Pert synthetic grass bowling greens. We have 24 years experience in the industry and our experts will be happy to help you choose the ideal grass for your bowling green.

Call us on 08 9303 2130 and we’ll talk through what you need and how we can help.