Considering Australia’s harsh climate, maintaining an attractive Perth garden is not easy. If you want to have a beautiful lawn all year round without spending too much on maintenance, then artificial grass Perth is the best option!

Without a doubt, artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular in WA. Let’s look at six conclusive reasons why homeowners and businesses are installing synthetic grass in Perth.

Fake grass looks more attractive than natural lawns

Natural lawns are elegant; however, keeping the turfs green and glam requires a considerable amount of money plus effort.

If you have a brown lawn or one that’s inherently green but features imperfections—evenly coloured artificial turf is an excellent way of covering up the manicuring concerns.

Water regulations in Perth

Most Properties in Perth are assimilating to strict water regulation. In some areas, further cuts are ongoing. Thus, homeowners have no option but to identify supplementary ways to conserve water

Fake grass is child and pet-friendly

The bare and yellowish imperfections often result from pets using your lovely natural lawn as an amusement park—digging and burrowing holes into the yard. Besides, natural grass is susceptible to mounds and unevenness that can eventually expose your kids or pets to tripping perils.

Synthetic grass is eco-friendly

Presently, we are more aware of the adverse effects that chemicals have on our health as well as on the environment. Fortunately, artificial grass demands no chemical pesticides additives, nor herbicides, or fertilisers. And as a bonus—always looks great.

Fake grass requires minimal maintenance or no maintenance at all

Maintaining a real lawn is difficult and expensive. If your natural property looks unattractive or poorly looked after, customers may feel less attracted to your business.


Properly installed quality fake turf will serve you steadily for several years without you coming across fading or wilting concerns. Today advanced technology not only affords you quality colour-fastness, but also realistic pile and assurance regarding durability.

So, if you’re tired of mowing, watering, and fertilising your current natural lawn and wish to have a front yard with finesse, contact us.