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  • If you are the handy type or on a budget and looking to save some money, then DIY may be the option for you.
  • As the premium artificial turf suppliers in Perth, if you provide us with a drawing of the area and measurements we will be able to work out how much grass you will need plus all the other sundry items.
  • All of our grasses are available for DIY and we always have the joining tape, pins and white sand in stock as well.
  • The advice and a couple of handy hints are of course, free of charge.

If DIY is not your thing, give us a call and one of our expert and professional artificial grass installers in Perth will be happy to provide you with a free quote.

DIY Synthetic Lawn Perth Installation Guidelines

Having artificial grass instead of real ones can be very beneficial for you and your family. A synthetic lawn is an excellent substitute to real grass as it does not require a lot of maintenance and keeping you hassle-free when it comes to your lawn’s condition.

What’s interesting with artificial grass installation is that it’s way more comfortable than installing real grass. An artificial lawn can be done without hiring professionals to do it for you.

Here are some helpful DIY synthetic lawn Perth tips before installing artificial grass on your property:

  1. Planning and Preparation
    Planning the precise area to fit your synthetic lawn is one of the first things you should do. The very next thing is to focus on knowing the soil condition of that particular area and how to prepare it with the right facilities.
  2. Preparation before demolition
    Make sure that you have every gas, electricity, and water utility in a location where it won’t cause any obstructions when the demolition begins. If these utilities need to be transferred or removed, it should be done at this stage.
  3. Demolition and Excavation
    Demolition tools such as bobcats and other devices are needed to remove everything that is in the way for the installation of your synthetic lawn. In excavating, the required measurement must be 100mm to 110mm depending on what type of artificial grass you are about to install.
  4. Drainage
    If it is necessary to install drainage for proper water-flow, then you should. This is to avoid unnecessary leaks that could flood your property.
  5. Borders
    Garden edging is also advisable in order to secure the perimeter for the installation of the artificial grass.
  6. Compacting the sub-base
    A plate compactor is used for sub-base compacting and is essential to do to avoid air gaps which could eventually cause hollow areas or depressions.
  7. Weed Elimination
    You also need to spray the whole area with weed killers to eliminate the weeds that can grow on your lawn and could destroy the artificial grass.
  8. Compaction and Base Preparation
    Setting up the base and preparing the base by compacting it until it reaches your desired level which is about 95% compact is one of the most critical processes in synthetic lawn installation.
  9. Preparing turf
    In preparing the turf, you need to make sure that you rolled the turf entirely so it can be sun-dried and to make sure that wrinkles are eliminated to avoid having air gaps in the future.
  10. Trimming and Joining
    You should remember to roll the turf in the same way so that the grass blades will face the same direction.
  11. Preparing border
    You can use 80mm nails that are 1 foot from each other on the perimeter to secure the border correctly.
  12. Preparing of Infill
    A power broom should be used to sweep the turf. Remember to sweep it in the opposite direction the blades are facing, so the blades are in an upright position allowing proper infill absorption.
  13. Installing of Infill
    A standard seed drop spreader is used to install the infill. The infill presses down the turf, making the recovery of the blade a bit faster and adds a softer feel for the feet.
  14. Final Cleaning and trimming
    It helps to take one more look and walk around the area to see if you need to trim a few previously unnoticed, out-of-place grass blades. If you find everything in place, it’s time to hose down the turf for the completion of the infill process.
  15. Final inspection
    You can have inspectors check your finished project to make sure that everything has reached the expected standards for installation.

Proven to be the best alternative to real grass, DIY synthetic lawn Perth has become a must-have for those who are having a hard time maintaining their lawn due to their busy lifestyles as well as having a busy household resulting to daily high traffic activities to your yard.

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Thank you for our beautiful artificial lawn.We would also like to thank you for your prompt attention also to your clean and courteous workers who left the site clean.A satisfied customer Frank and Sheila Granger
Frank Granger
We were really pleased with the service and installation of our grass – a small but irregularly shaped area at the back of the house with not very easy access. Everything promised was done on time and very well. We look at it every day with joy, 6 months later!
Sue Wade

Evergreen Synthetic Grass were very professional and helpful in supplying and installing a new lawn. We appreciated the extra effort in assisting our tight schedule. Finished product was great. Thank you.

Brian and Cheryl Sweeney

The Jurien Bowling Club is delighted with our two new Dry-Max Pro synthetic grass greens installed by Evergreen Synthetic Grass. The Greens were installed on time, on budget, and the first green completed is running almost 15 seconds after only three weeks use. Evergreen Synthetic Grass did a wonderful job, and were a pleasure to work with.

Bob Scott, President, Jurien Bowling Club

We’ve had Evergreen Synthetic Grass out to install our back and front lawns separately over the past few years and have to say the service was fantastic, what you used to receive where the customer comes first! Their range of products and pricing is pretty much unbeatable. We would definitely recommend them anyone and have already done so with some of our friends. Thank you, Evergreen Synthetic Grass!

L & E Philpott

We have had Mark Frazer from Evergreen Synthetic Grass lay four greens for us now and have found their workmanship to be exemplary.We have great pride in recommending Evergreen Synthetic Grass to do any work you are considering.

Halls Head Bowling Club

This is the second time we have used Evergreen Synthetic Grass, again they have delivered a fantastic finish to our new home. Always very professional and competitive. Thank you Evergreen Synthetic Grass for delivering the goods. Can’t wait to build our next home and finish it with lawn from Evergreen Synthetic Grass.

Amanda Ristovsky
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