Something as seemingly insignificant as sand can have a huge impact on the final result for your turf.

When you’re looking in amazement at the green surface of your newly installed artificial grass, you’ll be forgiven for not noticing the teeny-tiny specks of white silica sand. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to see it.

Though, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that you can leave it out. That layer of white sand has a crucial role to play. Find out why selecting the right sand fill is so important and why you can’t just stick to regular sand or soil for your artificial turf.

What is silica sand?

Silica sand can also be called industrial sand, quartz sand, or white sand. It comes from breaking down larger rocks into fine grains that can be used in any number of applications. Technically speaking, in short, it consists of two primary elements, namely oxygen and silica. Though, the ratio is key. It needs to have at least 95% silicon dioxide (SiO2).

Silica sand vs regular sand: What’s the difference?

Both so-called regular sand and silica sand contain silica. The main difference is that regular sand has less than 95% silica. It can also have other elements like potassium and iron which can make it a darker color than silica sand.

Not only does silica sand have less impurities than regular sand, but in some instances it can also get washed and kiln dried.

How does the silica sand get added to fake turf?

To help you understand the important role that silica sand plays, you first need to know how it gets applied. After the synthetic grass has been installed on a firm, flat base and it has been joined where needed with fiberglass tape, it’s time to add the silica sand. The white silica sand gets spread on top of the surface of the artificial grass and broomed in. On average, about 10 kilograms of sand gets used for every square meter.

How does silica sand help your fake turf?

While the particles might be fine, it plays a huge role in the installation of fake turfs. Firstly, it will help to give your new artificial lawn a more natural look. As it will help the individual blades to stand up in different directions, it will imitate natural grass more closely.

A second major benefit that it offers is that it will help to prolong its lifespan. The sand helps to weigh down the grass helping the surface to remain looking lush, while the surface won’t flatten so soon.

Another common use of silica sand is its filtration abilities. You see, unlike regular sand, silica sand doesn’t absorb water. This means that your artificial grass won’t be muddy. Instead, it will dry in practically no time at all. Plus, as it won’t absorb water, weeds won’t have time to flourish.

Can you install artificial grass on your own?

Now that you know why you need silica sand when installing fake turf, you might be wondering if you can do it on your own? It is certainly possible for you to install your new turf on your own. Your supplier should be able to provide you with detailed instructions. But before you grab your sand and shovel, there are a couple of things that you need to consider.

First and foremost, you can only enjoy all the artificial grass has to offer if it has been installed properly. It’s also more work than you might think. For example, even if you’re planning to install it on a flat surface like concrete, you’ll need to add drilling holes and fill them with pea gravel to ensure that the surface will be able to drain excess water efficiently.

Looking to install fake turf?

Increasingly, more homes and businesses are making the smart choice and switching to artificial grass. Not only is this type of surface easier to maintain, but it can also be more cost effective as you won’t have to worry about water and fertilization.

That said, you will only be able to enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer if you ensure that it gets installed properly. This means that you will need to use the right equipment like silica sand. An inexperienced installer might easily use regular sand thinking that it will create the same effect. When this happens, you’ll be stuck with a final result that takes long to dry.

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