Synthetic or artificial grass has many benefits over conventional grass. It delivers a better return on the money you spend over the long haul and requires far less maintenance.

But you still need to understand the overall costs and what factors contribute to this cost. You will reap the biggest rewards when you select the right type of synthetic grass for your specific area and have it installed by an industry veteran.

In general, you will pay around $60-100 per square metre for the supply and installation of synthetic grass, non-inclusive of any necessary preparation work.

Given that artificial grass in Perth is already quite affordable, it usually makes more sense to purchase medium to high-quality grass and installation instead of cutting costs with lower quality products and services.

The two costs of synthetic grass in Perth

Before we delve more deeply into the price, we first need to understand what we’re paying for. There are two items to keep in mind in terms of the total cost:

  • Supply of the synthetic grass
  • Installation of the synthetic grass

This will help us to avoid any confusion later on. Many providers offer a combined service for both supply and installation, and this may be slightly discounted for getting the two services combined.

When providers advertise a price per square metre, this is usually for both the supply and installation. The price for the grass itself will be lower. The quoted price will rarely include preparation work because the provider has no way of knowing the difficulty of this work.

The advertised price for synthetic grass assumes a workable, smooth, and flat surface. If you already have this, it will make things easier (and more affordable). You will have to pay for preparation work separately from the cost of synthetic grass, unless you go to the trouble of doing it yourself.

Factors impacting the cost of synthetic grass

The main factor that impacts synthetic grass cost is simply the quality. This is a function of:

  • Longevity – How long it lasts
  • Durability – How well it holds up under foot traffic
  • Appeal – How well it looks and how soft it feels to the touch
  • Assurance – How strong the warranty is
  • Safety – How safe it is for pets and family members

These factors affect the cost of the grass itself per square metre. There are many more technical definitions (infill, dust coating, cushioning, etc.), but they are more or less subcategories of those listed above. The length is also relevant, and this will ideally be between 20mm – 40mm for most lawns.

Obviously, the more synthetic grass you buy, the more it’s going to cost. The cost of installation will depend on how skilled the provider is and how much time they give to it.

The cost of purchasing synthetic grass

There is a large degree of variance in terms of the cost of synthetic grass. While you can get low quality grass for around $10, it’s virtually a waste of money. This is often imported from China or elsewhere, and the warranty and any kind of guarantee are essentially worthless. Your grass will fade and it won’t hold up. It’s best to look for at least a medium quality synthetic grass where possible. The table below will give you a better idea of average costs per square metre.

Service Lower Quality Medium Quality High Quality
Synthetic Turf $15 to $25 $25 to $40 $40 to $60
Synthetic Turf Installation $20 to $30 $30 to $40 $40 to $60
Combined (Supply and Installation) $40 to $50 $50 to $75 $75+
Regular Turf $5 to $10 $10 to $20 $20 to $30

The cost of installing synthetic grass

Typically, you can expect to pay between $35-55 per square metre for the installation of synthetic grass in Perth. This is quite similar to the cost of the grass itself.

The price will be lower if you are combining both installation and supply from the same company. Many providers also offer a discount for bigger surface areas. See the table below as an example. There may also be a minimum fee if you have a small area to cover the cost of travel, time, and set up.

Area 1 – 100 m2 100 – 500 m2 500 – 1000 m2 1000+ m2
Installation Cost $45 per m2 $40 per m2 $35 per m2 $30 per m2

Note that many providers do go the extra mile with the installation, and this can make your grass look incredible. So while the price of installation might be cheaper with some providers, this could simply mean a lower quality install that unravels pretty quickly, meaning you need to get it replaced sooner.

Is synthetic grass really worth the money?

Without question: yes! Think about it – you don’t have to pay for petrol for the lawnmower, water for the grass, or for chemical solutions to keep out weeds and bugs. With regular grass, you need to do this every month (at least). You will need an active sprinkler system to ensure the grass looks green. This waste of water is not just expensive but terrible for the environment.

It may not have been worth the money 30 years ago, but synthetic grass is certainly worth the money today. It now looks very similar to actual grass and also feels quite soft to the touch. It lasts for a long time, and you don’t have to think about it.

The cost of water, petrol, and fertilisers will add up over 20 years as compared to simply using synthetic grass. This is separate to the actual time spent on the lawn. An extremely conservative estimate of four hours a month adds to nearly 1000 hours of labour over 20 years. How highly do you value your time?

How much does it cost to maintain synthetic grass?

Nothing. This is actually one of the biggest benefits of synthetic grass. You don’t need to do anything. It requires no water, no fertilizer, and no cutting. Once it’s installed, it’s there to stay. This will save you a considerable sum of money over the long term when you tally up the costs of mowing, watering, and maintaining a traditional lawn.

Not to mention the stress of doing all of this every month. If a piece of the synthetic lawn gets damaged, you can simply replace it. You can just order some more and put it down or get a professional to replace it for you.

Will doing a DIY install on synthetic grass save me money?

No, it will actually cost you money over the long term. There are many steps involved in the installation process and nuances that are simply not appreciated by regular homeowners. For instance, synthetic grass often slopes in a particular direction; you will want them all sloping in the same way in order to avoid a mismatch.

There are many other considerations. The base needs to be properly compacted so no weeds or plants make their way through. The grass needs to be evenly cut and pinned down so the entire area is 100% flush and firmly held down. It’s hard to get this consistency unless you have been cutting and laying artificial grass for a long time. The infill also needs to be evenly distributed.

Will doing DIY preparation work for synthetic grass save me money?

While attempting to lay synthetic grass will cost you money, you may be able to reduce costs by doing the preparation work yourself.

You’ll first have to remove the existing soil. The depth will be around 60mm for standard use. Next, you will have to fill the area with dolomite sand or similar (50mm) and smooth it out with a topsoil spreader. Use a plate compactor to compact the sand and a trowel to smooth any uneven areas.

The materials and depths will change depending on what you are using the synthetic grass for. For instance, a higher traffic area may need quarry rubble (80mm) with dolomite sand (10mm). Regardless, it will always have to be compacted and smooth for the installation.

It’s conceivable to do this in order to cut down on costs provided you have the tools at hand and are willing to put in the time needed. The synthetic grass simply needs a smooth, level, compacted base. If you’re laying on a slope, you might need to call in a landscaping expert.

How do I choose the right synthetic grass provider?

The number one item to look out for in terms of your synthetic grass provider is longevity. Ask yourself how long this provider has been in business. This has two key benefits. The first is that they will have additional expertise when it comes to the installation of synthetic grass. The end result is going to be a superior quality install for you.

Secondly, you know that the supplier is going to stand by their warranty and performance guarantee. A new company might provide a warranty and guarantee but go bankrupt in five years, or the warranty could be completely fake. This can happen when you use Chinese importers or similar quality companies. By simply choosing a synthetic grass provider that has been doing business in your area for many years, you can’t go far wrong.

Find affordable synthetic grass in Perth

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We’re also unparalleled in the quality of our install so you have a beautiful and even looking lawn. All of our grasses are:

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  • 100% Australian made
  • Accompanied by a 7-year warranty

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