Splish-splash and a new pool deck in a dash? With artificial grass, it’s as easy as one, two, three and you can enjoy a beautiful, safe, and long-lasting pool area. 

One of the most pleasant experiences after taking a quick dip in the pool is to stretch yourself out on your back and soak up the sun. Though, if you use a popular surface like concrete bricks around the pool, it can be dangerous. Concrete bricks can quickly become very hot, especially if you are located in warm areas like Perth. In fact, they can become so hot that it can result in a second-degree burn. 

So, what’s the alternative to using concrete bricks around your pool? Wood that will only warp? How about natural grass that will cause a muddy mess and call for regular maintenance? 

Enter artificial grass. There are various different types available, and they’re quickly becoming popular surfaces to use around the pool with good reason. In this article, we explore five of the main benefits that opting for artificial grass around your pool will offer swimmers as well as your swimming pool. 


Installing artificial grass around your pool can really round it off. Thanks to advances in technology, the artificial grass that’s available nowadays looks natural and will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your garden, much better than brick. Also, as it requires minimal to zero maintenance, you can rest assured knowing that it will continue to look great for many years to come. 


Accidents aren’t just restricted to inside the swimming pool. It’s very easy to slip on the deck as you get in or out of the pool. While concrete bricks don’t have a slippery surface, if the swimmers splash around a lot, it’s easy for water to pool together to form puddles that can pose a serious hazard. Real grass, on the other hand, will be able to drain the water away, but it can quickly become a big muddy mess that can be equally slippery under foot. 

Compared to natural grass, artificial grass has much better drainage capabilities. This improved drainage makes it a safer surface to use around your pool. That’s not to say that there won’t be any slips around your pool with artificial grass. However, similarly to natural grass, the landing will at least be a lot softer. 

It’s not only the drainage that you should worry about. If you will be using natural grass, there is a risk that the fertilizers and other chemicals you use to keep it in tip-top shape can get into your swimming pool’s water. The opposite is also true. The pool chemicals can end up on your natural lawn which can kill it. 


As mentioned earlier, artificial grass is easy to maintain, making it such a popular choice for surfaces all around the home. Though, not only will it make it easier to keep the area surrounding your pool neat and inviting, but it can also help to reduce pool maintenance. 

If you opt for an alternative like natural grass, you will find yourself regularly having to remove fine debris, like blades of grass and small insects, from your swimming pool. Artificial grass, on the other hand, can help limit debris from entering the water quite significantly. 


Not only does artificial grass help you to save time that you would have had to spend on maintenance, but it is also very long lasting. While wood can also add similar aesthetic appeal, it will rot or warp when it’s exposed to moisture regularly (this will obviously happen as it will be placed right next to a source that holds thousands of gallons of water). 

Natural grass will stand up better than wood. Though, as the area directly next to the pool is subject to heavy foot traffic, you will probably find that it will lose the battle sooner than later. 

This brings us to a decking alternative that’s a winner in this department — concrete bricks. Sure, an alternative like concrete is built to last, but if you grow tired of the look and want to change it, you will have a much harder time removing it than artificial grass.  

Artificial grass, on the other hand, comes with a warranty of up to seven years in some instances. Plus, if there is some damage, replacing a damaged section takes only four, simple steps.  


Installing artificial grass next to your pool is one of the most cost-effective answers. You will only need to budget for the supply of the synthetic grass and the installation. Once it’s installed, that’s it. As it needs no water, cutting, or fertilizer, you do not have to set aside anything for maintenance. 

Get summer ready with synthetic grass

Ensuring that your swimming pool, let alone your lawn, looks and stays summer ready is a time-consuming and costly exercise. So, it makes sense why pool owners are searching for affordable alternatives to traditional decking solutions like wood and bricks. 

Synthetic grass surfaces can be great surface options around swimming pools. It’s cool (in the literal and figurative sense of the word), easy to maintain, and safe. 

The professional team at EverGreen Synthetic Grass will be able to get your pool in Perth ready for summer in no time. We’ve been installing Australian-made artificial lawns for over two decades. Plus, no project is too big for us. So, if you find yourself falling in love with synthetic grass and want to use it in the rest of your garden too, call us on (08) 9303 2130 or complete our enquiry form for a fast free quote today.