If you own a commercial property in or around Perth, it’s likely that it sees a lot of action on a regular basis.

Whether you run a school, a shire, a childcare centre, a retail business, a sports ground—or any other kind of commercial venture for that matter—making your property’s floored areas durable as well as attractive is no doubt a top priority.

That’s where synthetic grass comes in. If you have internal or external areas that you’re looking to brighten as well as toughen up, synthetic grass is one of the best investments you will ever make. Fitting synthetic grass will save you money too.

How, you say? Well, we’re going to tell you right now.

1. Wear & tear

Whether indoors or outdoors, synthetic grass is both practical and durable. Attractive yet designed to withstand heavy footfall, quality synthetic grass is long lasting, hardwearing, and reliable for almost any commercial area imaginable.

Install synthetic grass at your commercial property and you will save money—mainly due to the fact that it’s tough and lasts a long time. An excellent return on investment and far better than most commercial flooring alternatives.

Did you know? All of our synthetic grass types come with a solid seven-year guarantee.

2. Weeding & maintenance

Paving slabs and traditional lawned areas command a huge amount of weeding and regular maintenance to keep them fit for purpose.

But, as synthetic grass is free from weeds and requires minimal maintenance, you will save on tools, material, and labour—so you can invest your money in other areas of your organisation or business.

Another money-saving win for synthetic grass.

3. Energy & water

Traditional turfed lawns especially require a great deal of mowing, spraying and of course, watering.

All that mowing and watering is a real drain on your energy bills, the kind of costs that really rack up over time.

But, once again, as synthetic turf doesn’t require mowing or watering, you will save heaps on your energy bills—a huge bonus for any business owner!

4. Added commercial value

Okay, while this isn’t technically a ‘money-saving’ point, it is something that will make you smile: investing in synthetic grass will add value to your Perth-based commercial property.

Not only does quality synthetic grass help to raise your property value in a direct sense, but as it’s such a practical and attractive flooring or turfing option, it will drive more foot traffic to your business, which means more sales.

A real bonus and something that will help your business or institution thrive.

Over to you…

Now that you know how synthetic grass will save you money on your commercial property, it’s time to take action.

As one of Perth’s top synthetic grass providers, our experienced installation professionals will make sure your commercial property looks stunning and your investment goes the extra mile.

Not only do we have an excellent track record, but we always work to meet the exact needs of our customers, down to the very last detail.

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