As vibrant, long-lasting, and durable as artificial grass is, sometimes avoiding damage is impossible. But, the good news is—you can replace a damaged section of artificial grass.

So, if you’ve had a party and someone has dropped a cigar on your lawn, your beloved pet has been on a chewing frenzy, or you’ve experienced any other garden-related mishap for that matter, never fear, because we’re here to help.

As one of Perth’s leading artificial turf experts, we know all there is to know about repair and maintenance—and we’re going to share some top tips with you right now.

Let’s get started.

1. Pick your lines or ‘gauges

In the artificial grass world, ‘gauges’ are the lines of tufted fibres that form the base of your turf. To ensure your repair is 100% seamless, finding out which way your lines or ‘gauges’ run is vital.

To do so, carefully, and neatly, cut the damaged section out with an appropriate blade knife before looking underneath to establish which way your lines run.

2. Clean & prep the area

Once you’ve neatly cut out the damaged area, clean and vacuum out any debris in the crevice. When the area is clean, cut out a piece of seaming tape to fit the crevice, sticking it in the centre before unfolding it and securing it down with small tacs.

Next, stick some masking or painter’s tape around the perimeter of the crevice to protect the undamaged fibres from any wear, tear or adhesive when making your repair.

3. Stick, smooth & replace

Using a specialist adhesive, apply evenly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and smooth over with a small trowel.

Cut the replacement grass to the same dimensions as the existing crevice, pressing down firmly with your fingers from one edge to the other. Smooth over with your hand to ensure the entire surface is in contact with the adhesive. Allow to cure.

4. Finish

Remove the painter’s of masking tape with care and review the replacement section. Take some scissors and delicately trim any uneven artificial grass fibres before using a seam roller to ensure your repair looks completely consistent. And, relax!

While repairing or replacing a damaged section of artificial grass yourself is possible but for the best results, an expert touch is advised.

As Perth’s trusted artificial grass specialists, we can take care of all of your repair, maintenance, and lawn upgrade needs.

Benefits of using EverGreen Synthetic for artificial grass services

  • We have 24 years of local industry experience and an outstanding track record
  • We are fully accredited and qualified artificial grass maintenance technicians
  • We boast a seven-year warranty on all of our products
  • We offer free on-site quotes and consultancy
  • We provide high-quality products that are 100% Australian made

So, if you’re looking for an artificial grass maintenance expert near you, call us on  (08) 9303 2130 or fill out the form for a FREE online or on-site quote. We look forward to hearing from you.