Every day, gardeners and groundsmen use technology to improve their grass. And as in any other field, that technology keeps progressing. Artificial grass is now an affordable reality for many homes and sports clubs; is it time you invested in an upgrade?

A Short History of Lawn Technology

Artificial grass might seem like a big leap from natural grass, but the reality is humans have been using technology to influence turf and create gardens and playing surfaces for hundreds of years. For example, before the invention of fertilizer, gardeners would use clover, which puts nitrogen back into the soil, to help the grass grow.

And grass cutting? Before the lawnmower was invented, estates would normally keep sheep to help keep the grass short. For the real perfectionists, an army of gardeners with hand shears would be put to work – thank goodness for lawnmowers!

The invention of the lawnmower and fertilizer saved time and increased the quality of our lawns and fields – and artificial turf is no different.

Is It Time Your Sports Field Received a Lawn Technology Upgrade?

Below we examine three common scenarios where your club might benefit from an upgrade to synthetic turf:

Scenario 1: Climate and Weather Detracts From The Quality Of Your Playing Surface

The climate can play havoc with turf, and in Perth, there’s no bigger culprit than the sun. We love the hot weather, but the grass doesn’t; add in water restrictions and that beautiful field rapidly turns into a dust bowl.

Upgrading to the latest artificial turf technology solves this problem completely. No more dust bowls, no more watering, and no more water bills!

Scenario 2: Poor Soil Quality Reduces Quality of Your Turf

The type and condition of your soil has a big impact on the quality of pitches and putting greens. While this can be improved with time, effort, and expense, it’s not always the best option. Artificial grass will retain as-new quality and performance regardless of where it is placed.

Scenario 3: Heavy Use Wears Your Pitches Out

No matter how good your groundskeepers are, there’s only so much of a hammering a field can take before it starts to lose quality. For most commercial enterprises, this means they have to restrict usage to keep the soil in good condition – and that means lost profits.

Artificial turf is far more durable and resistant to damage than natural turf; you don’t have to worry about people kicking lumps out of it because it won’t happen. And even if it does get damaged (which is rare), it is quick and easy to fix.

What Sports Can Benefit From Artificial Turf?

We can install synthetic sports turf almost anywhere, but we find it is particularly popular for the following uses:

With 24 years experience helping Perth homes and businesses upgrade to the latest lawn technology, Evergreen Synthetic Grass is the perfect choice for your artificial turf. We offer consultation, installation, and maintenance; all backed up by our comprehensive warranties.

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