For the best match play around, you need the best bowling green surface available. Not all greens look, feel, and play the same so we’re exploring how to find the best bowling green supplier for your needs.

Lawn bowls can be a fun, relaxing, inclusive game for people of all ages to play and enjoy. That is unless the green they’re playing on has sub-par turf installed. The turf must be level, smooth, and all-around even for all competitors to have a fair chance at showing their bowls skills.

This makes choosing the best bowling green supplier in Perth absolutely crucial.

Get it wrong, and players will take to greens elsewhere. But there’s more to a green than just the turf, though that’s certainly important. The best suppliers will also assist with expert installation to keep the surface playable and well maintained.

You probably have a great idea of the type of turf you want (or want to replace) for your bowling green. But how do you choose the best supplier? You’re in luck because we’re breaking down what to look for so you, your customers, and your players can have the best experience possible.

What to look for in a bowling green supplier

For friendly and competitive play alike, lawn bowls require a laser level surface. To achieve this, you’ll want to work with the best bowling green suppliers for selection, placement, maintenance, and more.
Here’s what to look for in the best bowling green suppliers in Perth.

#1: Turf Variety

A number of turf options are approved for use by Bowls Australia. The three primary types are:

  • Tufted synthetic turf
  • Woven carpet
  • Needle-punch carpet

Whether you’re looking to install a brand new green or replacing the turf in an existing setting, you’ll need a supplier that has the right selection. While tufted synthetic with sand in-fill has been the most popular historically, the other two varieties are rising in popularity.

#2: Installation methods

Your turf is only the start. Remember that required laser-level precision? That starts and ends with the installation. Top suppliers can provide a complete install system that takes into account settling, UV stabilisation, drainage, and boundary ditches. The sand infill is also critical here since it needs to be effective at accommodating the turf fibers while also being non-abrasive. The wrong fill can scratch the bowl and create friction that affects game play.

#3: Specialised experience

Bowling green turf is not like installing turf in the family backyard. The best bowling green suppliers do not simply sell turf – they are experts in helping customers consider every factor needed for the best player experience.

This above-and-beyond service can start with advice for preparing the surface to accept the green with proper aggregate to comfort considerations like shock-absorbing padding placed under the turf itself. Be absolutely certain that any supplier you choose is not just a turf provider but one that has direct experience working with bowling greens and helping with installations to get the best product.

#4: Incredible credibility

Word of mouth and customer experience are critical when choosing the right supplier.

Don’t be shy about asking for customer references and/or the names of other bowls clubs they have provided or installed the turf for. Then, go visit. You can even call ahead and ask to speak with the key decision maker at the green to learn about their experience. Did they have trouble with selection, delivery, or installation? Would they recommend this company as one of the best bowling green suppliers in Perth, or should you look elsewhere?

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Narrowing down the best bowling green supplier in Perth

If you’re considering a bowling green of any size, you’ve likely done a lot of research and know roughly what you need.

The key is to find a supplier that can meet those requirements while providing exceptional service and quality installation. To help you narrow things down as you vet suppliers, here is an in-depth list of questions to ask along the way.

  1. How many years of experience does this supplier have specifically with bowling greens?
  2. Do they assist with or do the installation or simply deliver the product to the site?
  3. What warranties are provided for the materials and/or any installation workmanship?
  4. Are they forthcoming with customer references or referrals to speak with?
  5. What support do they provide if there is a problem with a section of turf?
  6. What is the maintenance needed for the bowling green type you have in mind?
  7. Do they offer no-obligation quotes for install and maintenance costs?
  8. How long are the products on offer warrantied to last before replacement is needed?
  9. Does the warranty apply to just the surface material or the complete installed system?
  10. Do they work with greens of all sizes including residential applications?
  11. Does the supplier work with indoor and outdoor bowling green systems?
  12. Can they provide insight into drainage, base subsidence, and tracking?

Why exceptional performance from the best green supplier is worth it

Whether you’re installing a small bowling green in your back garden as a hobbyist or replacing the turf on a large local bowls club, there are a number of benefits to letting a supplier handle the entire process for you. That is provided that you’ve found the best bowling green supplier in Perth to work with. They’ll ensure satisfactory answers to every question above (and then some) to make sure you get the best green available.

Most greens come with a 10-year warranty and should last as long, if not longer, when properly installed and maintained. Having a professional manage this installation for you, or in coordination with your in-house team if you have one, can give you better warranty coverage in case things do go awry at some point.

An installer with a lot of professional experience may also spot issues with your substrate before the turf even touches down. They’ll be able to offer advice to ensure level, properly drained turf with consistent bowls for everyone if they are involved from the start.

The best green suppliers can also help you choose between the turf options available so you get the best one for your needs. This is super helpful for homeowners looking to add a green to their garden for the first time. Instead of purchasing turf yourself and trying to level it out, let the best supplier make recommendations for the bowling green set up that will work best for you.

A top supplier can also give you top advice for maintenance of your green. There are guidelines (whether for professional or residential play) to keep the turf in the best shape possible for as long as possible. This includes everything from watering (to manage sand in-fill), to rolling, grooming, and vacuuming.

Scout out the best supplier for the best match play experience

Getting a great green to play on is more than choosing the right turf. It’s also important to make sure the green is properly installed and cared for along the way. By settling for ordered-in, DIY turf or low-experience, lower priced service, you can compromise the integrity of the green itself.

To avoid all of this and instead have the best green around, you’ll want to work with the best bowling green supplier in Perth: EverGreen Synthetic Grass. We don’t just provide bowling greens; we’re experts in all things artificial turf and installation for them. We offer a wide selection of surfaces for different synthetic bowling greens including tufted and woven and work with customers and clubs of any size.

EverGreen Synthetic Grass is a one-stop shop for all things bowling green. We help customers design, construct, install, and maintain their rinks so ensure maximum performance play. And we offer comprehensive warranties so you never need to worry about your investment. With over 24 years of experience, we’re the pros when it comes to bowling greens here in Perth. Just request a free quote on 08 9303 2130 today to chat with owner Mark Frasier.