As a Perth business owner you will no doubt understand the importance a first impression can make.

Whatever niche or industry you’re in, when potential customers or clients come to your offices or commercial premises, they will expect a certain standard of excellence. Anything short of meeting a client or customer’s expectations and they’re probably go running into the arms of your competitors.

You may not know this, but synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular among Perth business owners due to its striking looks and everyday functionality.

Believe it or not, synthetic grass will benefit your business in 2021, and beyond. As one of Perth’s leading synthetic grass suppliers, we’re going to tell you about them right now.

Time and money savings

As a business owner, you will know that time and money are linked—yes, as the old saying goes—time is money.

As synthetic grass requires little maintenance (especially compared to traditional turf) and it retains its looks for at least 20 years—so you will save incredible amounts of time and money—leaving you to do what you do best (grow your business).

Aesthetics & brand reputation

High-quality synthetic grass looks stunning and as such a versatile product, you can use it to create a slick, inviting, and professional look inside or outside your premises.

The right synthetic grass will create an incredible first impression, the kind that will set you apart from the competition. Plus, as you don’t need to water synthetic grass, it’s a very eco-friendly option.

As many of today’s consumers prefer brands with good values (like being green or eco-conscious), your stunning synthetic grass areas will demonstrate your commitment to the environment—which can only benefit your business.


While traditional turf looks slick and professional, it’s tone and looks change according to season or certain weather conditions.

If you’re looking to create a certain brand image through your business premises—one that is consistent and effective all year round—synthetic grass is the way forward.


In addition to having a shelf life of 20 years, quality synthetic or artificial grass is designed to withstand an enormous amount of wear and tear.

So, if you have a business premises that sees plenty of footfall (especially if pets and children walk though your doors on a regular basis), synthetic grass will go the distance.

Turf and other decorative alternatives will show their age within weeks of heavy footfall, but not synthetic grass. And, that’s what makes it one of the most popular options for Perth business owners of all shapes and sizes.

As one of Perth’s most trusted synthetic grass specialists, we can help you choose the best possible synthetic grass product for your business—we can install and maintain it too.

Whether you’re a school, a shire, a construction company, a retailer, a childcare provider—or any other type of Perth business for that matter—we will get the job done.

“The Jurien Bowling Club is delighted with our two new Dry-Max Pro synthetic grass greens installed by Evergreen Synthetic Grass. The Greens were installed on time, on budget and the first green completed is running almost 15 seconds after only three weeks use. Evergreen Synthetic Grass did a wonderful job and were a pleasure to work with.”—Jurien Bowls Club

Why use EverGreen Synthetic for your business’s artificial grass needs

  • We have 24 years of industry experience and a flawless local track record
  • We are 110% accredited and qualified synthetic grass installation technicians
  • We offer a full seven-year warranty on all of our jobs and products
  • We boast completely free on-site quotes as well as advice and consultancy
  • We provide the best quality synthetic grass products that are 100% Australian made
  • We completely committed to working towards a greener more eco-friendly future

So, if you’re looking for an artificial grass maintenance expert near you, call us on  (08) 9303 2130 or fill out the form for a FREE online or on-site quote. We look forward to hearing from you.