Artificial grass is a great way to make the most out of your garden without resorting to concrete. It lasts for a long time and is nearly maintenance-free. It is environmentally friendly and soft enough for kids to play on, making it a great option for residential homes as well as larger commercial areas.

But first, you need to look at the cost of purchase and installation. For those who already have artificial grass installed, we’ll also outline standard costs for a repair.

Artificial Grass – Cost of Installation

Artificial grass is not cheap to install. You will likely pay between $35 – $55 per square metre to get it installed for you. This includes the preparation work necessary on the soil as well as the actual laying down of the artificial grass itself.

While you can technically install artificial grass yourself, it is not recommended unless you have the time and some previous expertise in landscaping. You need to ensure that the base is solid so it won’t sink, and you also need to ensure that the rolls of artificial grass are laid out and measured properly. It’s also quite a lot of work. If you have existing soil, you’ll have to use a turf cutter to remove the grass.

If you don’t have one, then you will need to use a spade. You’ll also need to kill off all weeds and vegetation, use a power plate or similar to flatten the space, then insert a cover over it. Finally, your artificial grass can go on. This is a barebones explanation of installing artificial grass. It’s often worth the money to hire the experts to do it right unless you like these projects and have experience.

Artificial Grass – Cost of Purchase

The installation of artificial grass does not relate to the cost itself. You will pay between $30 – $50 per square metre for artificial grass. The price of artificial grass is a function of its quality. And the quality depends on:

  • Size – From 10mm to 50mm. The typical range is about  20mm – 35mm.
  • Durability – How resistant it is to being tramped repetitively and how well it retains its shape and colour.
  • Longevity – Related to durability, the artificial grass should last at least 15 years without losing shape and often longer.
  • Reflection – Low-quality artificial grass tends to reflect the sunlight and just looks fake. High-quality artificial grass retains its quality of colour and appearance.
  • Material – The 3 main materials are nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Nylon is the most expensive, followed by polyethylene, and finally polypropylene.
  • Thatch or Not – Artificial grass with thatch has a more natural look and is easier to install.

Artificial Grass – Cost of Repair

The term ‘repair’ might be something of a misnomer here. What happens with an artificial grass repair is really that the damaged piece is cut out and ‘replaced’ with a new piece. So you can expect to pay the typical rate per square metre. As stated above, the average cost for installation is $35 – $55 per square metre and the average cost for artificial grass is $30 – $50 per square metre.

But these costs could easily increase if you are only repairing a couple of metres worth of artificial grass. They are often minimum rates that a landscaper is going to charge. You could also get an hourly rate from the contractor. The quickest way to find out the costs is simply to call up local contractors in your area and compare the quotes offered for the repair.

It is pretty rare for artificial grass to be in need of repair due to its high levels of durability. When it does need a repair, it is typically due to extreme heat causing melting. Be aware that new artificial grass will look differently than older artificial grass, even from the same roll.

Cost of Artificial Grass 2021

All things considered, the cost of artificial grass is quite cheap when you take into account the longevity of the product and the low maintenance requirements. You will save on water bills, help the environment, and save yourself the time of tending to a regular lawn.

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What are the main benefits of artificial grass?

Artificial grass is low maintenance. You have almost nothing to do. This is a major benefit when you compare it to the maintenance requirements associated with tending to a regular garden. Higher quality artificial grass can last 20 years and longer. It’s also very affordable as compared to concrete.

How can I make artificial grass more affordable?

If you have an existing concrete surface, then it’s already pretty affordable as the installation costs will be drastically reduced, or you could do it yourself. In this way, you will be paying mainly for the artificial turf and can shave nearly 50% off the typical price. If you have the skills and know-how to prepare the surface for artificial grass, then you will save a lot. Another way to save money is to use an established provider such as Evergreen Synthetic Grass. Not only will we provide you with the most affordable grass, but we can advise on the best grass to suit your budget, saving you money twice.

How easy is it to install artificial grass?

It’s not overly complex, but you need to take the time to understand what you are doing. Download some guides and get all the tools that you need. You will have to remove the topsoil and measure the area correctly. You will also need to compact the area down to at least 85% compaction.

When placing the turf, you need to ensure that the direction of the grass is uniform (pointing in the same direction). You’ll also need the right cutting tools to cut the rolls. They need to be as close as possible without overlapping. There are many steps involved, and it can easily frustrate those unskilled with DIY projects.

What tools are needed to install artificial grass?

If you want to install artificial grass, then you’ll need the right tools. The basic tools would include:

  • Hammer and flathead nails.
  • Rake, shovel and tape measure.
  • Utility knife.
  • Synthetic turf joining tape.
  • Finely crushed rock.
  • Whitewash sand.
  • Power blower.
  • Compactor.
  • Excavator (for larger areas)

How do I know which artificial grass to install?

Obviously, you will need to do some basic research online to find out all the qualities of artificial grass. You want grass that is long-lasting and that retains its colour in the sun and retains its shape despite pressure from above.

But you also need to gauge how a grass sample looks and feels in person. To do this, it is recommended that you contact a supplier for a number of samples. These samples should vary in colour, type, and length, so you get a better idea. In tandem with your research, this will reveal what artificial grass is suitable for your exterior space.

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