Your dog doesn’t have to ruin your lawn. With the right type of lawn, you can have a garden and dog that make you proud. 

Homeowners in Australia are blessed to be able to choose from a number of lawn types that can offer great resistance to the region’s harsh climate. Though, you might need to keep in mind more than just frost and cold weather when deciding which grass to get. Not all grass types are hardy enough for dogs. If you’re planning to upgrade your landscape and extend the family, here are some of the best grass types for dogs. 


Bermuda is probably the most popular type of lawn across Australia. As it can withstand warmer seasons, it’s ideal for Australia’s mostly sunny climate. It’s a bright green and thanks to its hardiness it will have a bright future in your garden too. It can tolerate high traffic, making it a great choice if you plan on getting a big breed of dog that will most of the time be outside. Though, don’t give this type of grass too much freedom to grow as it pleases otherwise it will be to the detriment of your other plants’ future. 


Zoysia is another type of grass that grows well in warmer climates. It’s especially popular in northern parts of Australia as it’s quite tolerant to droughts and requires minimal watering. Plus, unlike Bermuda, it does much better at coping in shady areas.

Its most attractive feature arguably is its soft touch. However, that’s not at the expense of hardiness. It’s ready for some rough-and-tumble play.


Fescue is one of the hardiest lawn types suitable for cooler regions. Frost won’t get the better of it, while its maintenance requirements won’t get the better of you. Thanks to its deep root system, it does well in droughts. Another plus is that it doesn’t need that much fertilization. 

Though, one major drawback is its blades. Compared to other lawn types, it’s quite coarse. While you and your kids will probably mind, your fur babies will be less affected and only too happy to roll around and get their paws a bit dirty. 

Kentucky bluegrass

As its name suggests, Kentucky bluegrass is a popular lawn in the United States. Its blades of grass have a bluish hue and it’s best suited for cooler climates. For this reason, it’s not such a popular choice among Australian homeowners, but in the southern parts of the country it can still be a suitable option. 

What makes it such a great choice for dogs is that it’s very hardy. Though, if the game of fetch was a bit too rough, it can also repair quickly. 

Perennial ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is another grass type that’s better suited for cooler conditions. The blades are a dark green color and grow well in shady areas. So, if you have many tall trees in your garden and are struggling to find a grass that will flourish with little direct sun, this can solve your lawn worries. 

While it might not struggle in shade, gardeners can have a hard time keeping up. It’s generally regarded as a high maintenance type of lawn. It requires frequent watering during the summer, regular fertilization, and weekly mowing during the warmer months. 

At least it won’t struggle with dog urine. It’s pretty tolerant to your best friend’s number ones making it one of the best choices if you have dogs. 

Can you use artificial grass with dogs?

Artificial grass and dogs work very well together. It’s a safe option for dogs as its maintenance routine calls for no pesticides or fertilizers. 

It can also offer strong resistance to dog paws. Unlike natural grass, dogs can’t dig through it. So, there will be one less reason that your four-legged family member can end up in your bad books. 

While dog urine won’t leave brown spots as is the case with most natural grass types, you’ll still need to clean your synthetic grass to keep it looking and smelling great. 

In fact, there are a few things that you can do during installation to help with dog urine down the line. You can, for example, add turf deodoriser or a membrane to increase the airflow between the turf and substrate or you can add small rocks below the turf to help with filtering of liquids (like dog urine). 

You can have a beautiful lawn and happy dog 

Dogs can bring great joy to households. Though, when it comes to your garden, that joy can be short-lived. Not only can your landscape be spoilt by brown patches caused by urine, but you might also need to sidestep a few holes that Beeno dug. Then, there’s the dog poo that you’ll need to dodge, too. So, you’re searching for grass that offers great hardiness and resilience. 

Enter synthetic grass. 

Not only is it easier to maintain when you have dogs, but its condition will also not be impacted by seasonal changes. When you install synthetic grass, you can look forward to a lawn that you can enjoy all-year round with all the members of your family and you’ll pay less for maintenance too. If you’re ready to make the smarter switch to synthetic grass, be sure to reach out to the team at EverGreen Synthetic Grass. Call us on (08) 9303 2130 or fill out the enquiry form for a fast free quote today.